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1) Is this portal, an online shopping platform like other portals?


Ans: No, Its not an online shopping portal. This portal benefits its members by connecting them to wholesale merchants to buy daily products and services at very low price.


2) Do you sell the Products & Services listed in the website?


Ans: we don't sell instead we have partnered with the wholesale merchants, Who sell products & services for less prices exclusively to our members.


3) I s this membership fee refundable?


Ans: Membership fee is not refundable .


4) What is the tenure of Membership?


Ans: The tenure of Membership is one year and has to be renewed every year.


5) How do the merchants know about my membership?


Ans: Membership ID card would be issued after the registration process. So on showing the ID card, merchant would check the card's validity and would give products or services at very low prices.


6) Can I pay the membership fee online?


Ans: No, this facility is coming soon. You can pay at the office address mentioned in the contact page or you can give us a call so that we would come to your doorstep, explain about the membership benefits and collect the membership fees. Alternatively you can also mail a cheque favouring Aristomind Technology Services (P) Ltd., to the mentioned address.


7) Can Is share the membership id card with my family friends & relatives ?


Ans: Yes, You can share the membership ID with your family members(to be specified at the time of registration), but you cannot share with your friends and relatives. Instead you can suggest your family friends and relatives for this membership so that they get the total price benefit.


8) What is the greatest advantage of this membership?


Ans: Members need not hunt for low price store, spending their precious time. Also they need not worry about the Quality of the Products and Services offered by our merchants.


9) Can I avail doorstep service irrespective of the Quantity or price?


Ans: The doorstep service is not available for the small amount of purchase. Also you may check with the respective merchant on the availability.


10) Whether the stores and service providers are open 24 hrs and 7 days a week?


Ans: ? No merchant works 24/7. Also holidays are mentioned in the merchants page and on an urgent need, you can contact them directly on their mobiles.


11) Whether these wholesale merchants or service providers have big stores or porsche stores?


Ans: No they have got small offices rather than big stores/showrooms.


12) So why it's like offices only & why not stores/showrooms?


Ans: The website membership is totally for price advantage. So if again showrooms are been tied up, then again the advertisement, showroom electricity, rent, staff expenses all would be included in the billing on your purchase.

So our tie ups have much reduced cost to be incurred so as to sell their products/services to the members at very low prices.


13) Can I use Credit/Debit cards for purchase?


Ans: This depends on the merchants. Payment options will be updated on the merchant pages.


14) Are these wholesale merchants or service providers experienced?


Ans: Their experience ranges from 7years - 26years into their business/service.


15) There are similar websites and portals, selling products and services at low price. So what's different with this portal?


Ans: We are not selling any product or service online. Instead we have partnered with wholesale merchants who have their store/office at different locations. Other websites and portals do not give you the real price advantage. They increase the MRP and give discounts on the Increased MRP. We give you the real price advantage which you can check by calling or mailing our support team. Other websites and portals have no limits in membership. Any number of members can join. We have limited membership per city to take utmost care of our members.


16) Can I avail Credit Facility?


Ans: No Credit facility is available. We work on 'Cash n Carry' business model to give the real price advantage with no compromise on Quality.


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